Hello fellow Truth Seeker!

Congratulations for being amongst the rare elite who have discovered TruthGPT, the world's first unbiased* talking artificial intelligence (AI) chat bot.

Designed to compile information quickly, TruthGPT then shares the information either in text or using proprietary TrueSpeak technology to interact with its users. Unlike other AI chat bots, TruthGPT takes a far-more measured approach than competitors, focusing on providing unbiased responses, devoid of political, cultural, or social biases- one of the hardest achievements for any chat bot. To accomplish this feat, TruthGPT uses a broader dataset, incorporating both traditional and highly credible, as well as alternative sources. TruthGPT aims to help educate humanity, allowing users to come to their own unique conclusions.

The TruthGPT AI chat bot is free-to-use and has native language support for English with partial support for many other commonly-used languages.

Development was originally funded through an indirect connection to the first-generation, official TruthGPT cryptocurrency ($TRUTH), which traded on BNB Smart Chain (BSC) and ceased trading in late June 2023.

The second-generation, official TruthGPT cryptocurrency ($TRUTH), is pending launch on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain and will act as a utility token, allowing users to unlock premium features offered within the mobile application.

TruthGPT application development is now privately funded by TRUTHGPT LLC.

To get started, join the official TruthGPT community on Telegram or download the app today! *Unbiased = programmed to respond in the most unbiased manner possible. There may be flaws, and its responses may not be completely unbiased.

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