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Learn more about the TruthGPT AI.

Introducing TruthGPT AI

TruthGPT utilizes artificial intelligence to provide user-friendly access to billions of data-driven responses, designed to help people make informed decisions in their daily lives, learn new things and have fun. Unlike competitors, TruthGPT AI is comitted to providing unbiased truth and avoiding in-built prejudice, bias or alternative agendas. This is possible because of unique back-end infrastructure.
TruthGPT's Mobile Application
Users of TruthGPT's mobile app have access to Truthie, the company's visual representation of TruthGPT's AI Chatbot. Truthie responds after receiving a question or statement via the user's voice or through typed messages within the app.
To get started, simply add @thetruthbotgpt on Telegram or download the free mobile app. When messaging the bot on Telegram, type "/ask (insert question or statement here)". For example... /ask is tap water bad for you?
/ask why do people buy designer clothes?
/ask what would the world be like if there were no trees?

How does TruthGPT AI work?

TruthGPT AI is focused on providing an unbiased truth, rather than being programmed to follow political agendas like other AI chatbots.
It filters through thousands of datasets and draws educated conclusions to provide answers that are as unbiased as possible. Read what TruthGPT AI responded about how it works: