TruthGPT will become the world's most trustworthy and leading AI chat bot.


Our mission is simple: revolutionize the world through information.

TruthGPT will encourage the growth of all user's intellectual horizons. The AI will first learn about the individual user and then, by incorporating a variety of perspectives to challenge their standard narrative (if desired), help the user appreciate genuine truth. In doing so, the truth is no longer a subjective, prejudiced or biased echo-chamber... the truth is pure and enlightening.

As the data-repository expands; advanced, citation-worthy responses can be trusted for use in academic and professional environments.

Once the AI has sufficient knowledge of the user, coupled with database expansion, the AI will also be able to teach the user ways to optimize their life and improve their ability to pursue happiness, success, and a better future.


Our vision is to become the most trustworthy, credible and unbiased source of information for everyone; eventually resulting in a self-improving AI that also provides visual and auditory outputs to enhance the user experience and ultimately, dramatically enhance their lives.

With over 18 unique capability enhancements already planned across a variety of fields; including communication, social engagement, education, finance, health, personal development, time management and entertainment, TruthGPT is here to stay.

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