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Discover how TruthGPT is integrating blockchain technology with AI.

What is TruthGPT ($TRUTH)?

TruthGPT ($TRUTH) is the official cryptocurrency powering the TruthGPT ecosystem, built on the Ethereum blockchain as a layer-two utility token. The ticker symbol is $TRUTH.
$TRUTH allows the TruthGPT AI Chatbot to properly function in a decentralized manner.
The primary purpose of $TRUTH is to achieve our initial goal of empowering 1.25% of the world to gain access to all the knowledge that TruthGPT can offer. $TRUTH does this by serving as the utility token that unlocks the premium membership for TruthGPT, which is accessible to all holders via the TruthGPT mobile app.
TruthGPT is setting the standard for the future, integrating AI, machine learning and blockchain technology in one application.
The project's core values are focused on revealing the truth and $TRUTH enables exactly that within the TruthGPT application.