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Find out more about the development roadmap of TruthGPT AI.

PHASE I - Telegram Bot (Completed)

The official launch of the TruthGPT AI Chat Bot, allowing users to utilize the bot via the community Telegram or DM. Users may use the command "/ask" followed by a question to initiate a response from the TruthGPT bot. The launch took place on February 20th, 2023.

PHASE II - Mobile Application V1 (Completed)

The official mobile app for TruthGPT will be available for download, with the core functionality of allowing users to converse with the AI chat bot at ease. This version will be free to download and available on both IOS and Android. This version of the app will include a text conversation feature, allowing users to speak with the TruthGPT AI Chatbot via text messaging in-app.

PHASE III - Mobile Application V2 (Completed)

The mobile app will be upgraded to include a visual representation of the TruthGPT AI Chatbot in the form of an animated floating robot named Truthie. The update will include speech mode, text mode, custom backgrounds, chat saving history, and overall UX/UI upgrades.

PHASE IV - Mobile Application V2.2 (Completed)

In this phase, premium memberships are implemented as well as additional improvements to the overall user experience within the mobile app. The update will also include upgrades to the AI's responses, and the overall feel when using the mobile app.

PHASE V - Mobile Application V2.3 (Completed)

This update adds TruthGPT's native Text Assistant into the mobile application. The Text Assistant has been designed to curate user-specific responses to any text or email recieved. User's may adjust the length, tone, and status of the response within the app to help TruthGPT better interpret the text or email provided.

PHASE VI - Mobile Application V2.4 (In Progress)

User retention and a low barrier to entry have been identified as a top priority to optimize for TruthGPT. This update will lower the barrier to entry allowing for a faster sign up process, while upgrading the application's UX/UI to further improve user retention.

PHASE VII - Mobile Application V3 (Upcoming)

Details to be released shortly...