Learn about the team behind TruthGPT.

We take great pride in our diverse and expansive team! With a broad range of skills, educational and business backgrounds, we can easily tackle the road ahead.

The team includes experienced business people, AI, web, cryptocurrency and computer science developers, community leaders, investors and enthusiasts who all have been party to a variety of successful projects and businesses. Both the business and crypto arenas are nothing new to us and we aim to take advantage of that existing knowledge to bring Elon's dream to life.

We value transparency, honesty and commitment. Not only the project but most importantly to our community of TruthSeekers. Without the TruthGPT community, turning Elon's vision into a reality would not be possible. The Team is committed to performing to a standard not often seen in the world of crypto, with careful consideration of SEC rulings influencing our actions.

Executive Team

Matt Lorion - Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Borok - Chief Operations Officer

Sherwin Rambaran - Chief Community Officer

Ali Essa - Director Of Communications

Development Team

TekRevol LLC - Development Partner

Zohaib Nizami - Lead Developer

Zainab Hassan - App Manager

Alex Florin - AI Developer

Nick Novoa - Blockchain Developer

Enes - Frontend Developer

Community Team

Crypto Dude - Telegram Moderator

Dusilen - Telegram Moderator

BullishDP - Telegram Moderator

Spectre - Telegram Moderator

Deadly Cat - Telegram Moderator

Abraham Cohn - Trademark Lawyer

Barry Sussman - Crypto Lawyer

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