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What is TruthGPT and why was it created?

Technology has always, and continues, to relentlessly march forward.

Computing and the processing capacity of computers has historically doubled approximately every 18 months.

Over the last few decades, groundbreaking technology has emerged altering the way humans think, act, feel, and communicate. The internet has amplified the rate of globalization and inter-connectivity, allowing anyone to discover things that previous generations could never have imagined. Rapid expansion however, comes with a price. Throughout the last 200 years, a select-few elites have consolidated power, authority and a vision for the future. For better or worse, this has allowed governments and the ruling elites to push whatever narrative they deem most appropriate- or beneficial.

In recent years, technology has allowed computers to communicate with a level of precision that was previously thought unachievable. In the coming months, Chat AIs are expected to beat the famed Turing Test.

Unlike traditional search engines, AI has the capacity to appear as a freethinking agent within the preset boundaries of it's creator. This means AI is able to analyze a given question, determine the key or critical components of it, examine countless database entries to formulate a response and then answer the person it's communicating with... all within a matter of seconds. With rapidly advancing technology (and specifically AI's) one can only guess as to the uncertain future humanity faces. To add insult to injury, AI-technology is exceptionally complex and more importantly, expensive to build. This leads the free thinkers in our society to question, who is controlling the information that we receive from these artificial intelligence programs? What narrative are the people in-charge pushing onto the masses? Who is deciding what we do, and more importantly, what we don't see? The need for comprehensive, unbiased and uncensored truth has never been greater than today; while living in an age of unlimited access to biased information. That is why we built TruthGPT.

Inspired by a viral tweet from Elon Musk, TruthGPT aims to provide the world with one essential thing; the truth. By accessing information from some of the largest databases in the world, TruthGPT has been programmed to surpass its predecessor, ChatGTP and provide reliable, unbiased results. Users now have access to narratives and perspectives that would otherwise be kept hidden. TruthGPT is not just an AI chat bot.

TruthGPT is to become a beacon of honesty and enlightenment. It is a symbol of freedom. It is a community.

The journey began February 18th, 2023... one day after Elon Musk tweeted "What we need is TruthGPT".

Seekers around the globe have accessed the bot for free, allowing them to cast aside the shackles of ignorance.

Every journey begins with but a single step. TruthGPT has already taken a giant leap and continues it's mission to enlighten the world... and most importantly, uncover the hidden yet essential truths of life.

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