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Learn more about $TRUTH's tokenomics.
TruthGPT was originally launched on the Binance Smart Chain and as of June 21, 2023 is bridging over to the Ethereum network. This has resulted in over 3 months of progressive development leading up to the launch. $TRUTH (ETH) has a 3% buy / sell tax integrated into the smart contract. When buying $TRUTH, simply increase your slippage between 3% and 5% on Uniswap to ensure your transaction confirms. 12.5% of the supply was added to Uniswap LP, 25% was allocated to the pre-sale, 28.7% was added to the bridge contract for existing holders, 6.3% was locked (vesting) for staking, 7.5% was locked (vesting) for marketing, 10% was locked (vesting) for the team, and 10% was locked (vesting) for future exchange listings.
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
LP Tokens: 1 year lock
Buy/Sell Tax: 3%
$TRUTH tokenomics are subject to change. Please do your own research and review our CONTRACT AUDIT and KYC.