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Learn about the future plans for TruthGPT and what the team aims to accomplish.
Our mission at TruthGPT is to build the vision that Elon Musk spoke of; an AI Chat Bot that is programmed to seek the true nature of the universe, the human condition, and offer unbiased knowledge whatever asked. Development has been ongoing since February 2023 and continues to pick-up speed.

PHASE 1 - (Q1, 2023)

  • Website Creation: Shortly after Elon Musk's tweet stating "What we need is TruthGPT", the official website for TruthGPT was built.
  • Team Expansion: A community is only as strong as its leaders. With the ambitious goals of TruthGPT, expansion of the team is necessary to ensure a successful future. This includes the addition of volunteers, paid specialists, and chiefs for each company pillar.
  • Community Growth: The TruthGPT community telegram creation, and organic growth through social media and word of mouth.
  • Token Launch: $TRUTH stealth launch on the Binance Smart Chain as a layer 2 token, with initial liquidity injected by the team.
  • TruthGPT AI Launch: The official launch of the TruthGPT AI Chat Bot, allowing users to utilize the bot via the community Telegram or DM. Users may use the command "/ask" followed by a question to initiate a response from the TruthGPT bot.
  • Whitepaper Release: The official whitepaper for TruthGPT is released for holders and app users to view and fully understand the project's mission.
  • Community Voice Chats: The team takes pride in being fully transparent, accessible, and most importantly active with the TruthGPT community. Frequent voice chats allow holders to understand what's being worked on, and relax knowing the team is constantly working towards building a legacy in the crypto space.
  • Staking Platform Launch: Holders of $TRUTH are able to stake their tokens to receive rewards in the future. The platform is accessible through the official TruthGPT website.
  • Mobile App V1 Launch: The creation and development of the TruthGPT AI Chat Bot is completed, having built a user-friendly free mobile app for all Truth Seekers. Now available as "TruthGPT - AI Chatbot" on the App and Google Play stores.
  • Influencer Promotions Test: Promotions across various social media platforms, targeting Elon Musk fans, crypto enthusiasts, and seekers of the truth. Each promotion is strategically posted to various audiences and further analyzed to determine the best route of action in Phase 2. Influencer promotion tests will continue for a period of approximately 1-2 weeks.
  • Social Media Marketing: Paid social media advertisements on TikTok go live, to test the market's response to TruthGPT's AI Chatbot. The results from the test will be used in future marketing campaigns after V2.2 of the mobile app is released.

PHASE 2 - (Q2, 2023)

  • Mobile App V2 Launch: The official TruthGPT mobile app is released on both IOS and Android, available for download to the public (free). This included an upgraded version of the TruthGPT AI Chat Bot.
  • Company Rebranding: Presentation is extremely important at this day and age. Professional graphic designers are assigned to properly brand TruthGPT social media accounts and create high quality community announcements.
  • BSC to ETH Bridge: TruthGPT's native cryptocurrency $TRUTH was originally built on the Binance Smart Chain. The bridge allows holders of the old token to bridge their token's over to the new network, Ethereum. After successfully submitting a transaction to the bridge, holders will receive their new tokens in a matter of minutes (nearly the same amount, but on a new network).
  • Mobile App V2.1 Launch: The launch of V2.1 will fix all bugs from the previous V2.0 update, in addition to improvements to the user-experience within the TruthGPT mobile app. The new $TRUTH token on the Ethereum network will also be integrated into the backend of the mobile app, allowing holders to connect their wallet and unlock the premium version of the app.
  • Presale Release: The official presale for the new $TRUTH token on the Ethereum network will go live. This will be held on Pinksale, and will include an official audit and KYC from Pinksale's official partners.
  • $TRUTH Launch On Ethereum: Approximately 48 hours after the conclusion of the presale, $TRUTH will go live on the Ethereum network. LP will be added to Uniswap, as the official DEX for the token.
  • Mobile App V2.2 Launch: The launch of V2.2 introduces a subscription-based premium membership into the TruthGPT mobile app. This allows non-crypto users to easily unlock the same benefits as holders of $TRUTH.
  • Mobile App V2.3 Launch: The launch of V2.3 introduces TruthGPT's AI Text Assistant; a customizable AI responder that interprets a text message or email, and curates a specific response determined by the user's inputted settings.
  • Social Media Marketing: Targeted advertising campaigns are published to various social media platforms, directing viewers to download the free TruthGPT mobile app and experience its functionality.
  • Mobile App V2.4 Launch: The launch of V2.4 upgrades the mobile application's UX & UI, creating a thumb-optimized experience for all user's within the app. The goal of this update is to reduce the barrier to entry while increasing user retention.

PHASE 3 - (Q3, 2023)

  • Influencer Marketing: Specific influencers are paid and/or organically incentivized to post content regarding TruthGPT and the assets established under it. Social media marketing will continue throughout phase 2 and phase 3, ensuring near constant exposure for both the token and the AI chat bot.
  • Influencer Partnerships: Long term partnerships are solidified with social media influencers, utilizing their pre-established connection to incentives new users to view the TruthGPT AI Chat Bot.
  • Mobile App V3 Launch: The launch of V3 of the mobile app will introduce new features for users to experience on a day-to-day basis. This includes a gamified version of the app, allowing users to grow and upgrade their AI character. (Details of this version are subject to change without notice)
  • Bug & Improvement Update: After the release of V3, the mobile app may experience some minor bugs and glithces for active users. This update will patch those bugs, and ensure the user-experience is of the highest quality possible.
  • Exchange Listings: To ensure $TRUTH is easily accessible to everyone, we aim to have $TRUTH listed on various crypto exchanges, allowing holders to trade the token at ease.
  • Gorilla Marketing Campaign: Gorilla marketing will take place around the globe, ranging from basic stickers, all the way to billboards in highly-populated areas. The fine details of this campaign will depend on many variables including app downloads, subscription revenue, and current market conditions.
  • Scaling Of Social Media Ads: After basic split-testing of the target marketing campaigns across social media, the budget will begin to increase dramatically based on the initial results. This will target top-converting countries, with the most interest in TruthGPT's mobile app.
  • TruthGPT Merch: Merchandise is an essential aspect of TruthGPT, uniting the community and allowing every holder to promote the vision simply by wearing/using their merchandise.
  • A-List Celebrity Partnerships: Massive names not only bring massive credibility but enormous amounts of exposure to the mainstream audiences. Celebrity partnerships and marketing campaigns are important to show the world TruthGPT and its truth seeking potential.
  • Advertising Platform: Both the web and mobile applications for TruthGPT have traffic flowing in and out on a daily basis. The official advertising platform will allow companies, individuals, and other approved entities to publish ads for TruthGPT users to view.www

PHASE 4 (Q4, 2023)

Stay tuned, this section will be updated periodically as the project progresses.